Who Are We?

Zebra Innovation are product consultants.

Our background is in the design and development of our own several products which are mainly work safety orientated and used within the mining, civil & construction industries.

This hands on experience has enabled us to offer a unique service of analysis for products – products that need to be designed or invented, products that need to be re-designed or improved, products that need to be evaluated, products that need to be sourced, and products that need to be marketed.

We also offer new product viability, new venture capital and joint venture proposals.

Our own products were designed by us, manufactured by us, marketed by us and are solely owned by us.

We are first hand familiar with every aspect of product design and development. Our products are used by some familiar names such as: BHP Billiton, FMG Mining, Atlas Iron, Rio Tinto, Roy Hill Exploration, Leyton Contracting, Fast Contracting, Westernex and Blackwoods, as well as many civil engineering companies, local councils, construction and building companies.